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If you require authentic accommodation on the Zlatibor mountain, one exuding domestic atmosphere, tradition and quality, then “Kristal” inn is the right choice for you. Our family has, for years now, offered hospitality to satisfied guests, always helping people take fond memories of Zlatibor with them and then happily come back for more.

We are situated on the sunniest slope of Zlatibor, where this Serbian mountain pearl unfolds before you in entirety. The site is several minutes of easy walk from the centre of Zlatibor, the market, the ski lift and the bus station. All important localities and sites on Zlatibor that you might wish to visit are close at hand and yet you are far enough from the noise and the high-season crowds, which guarantees you a peaceful sleep and quality rest.

A high standard

Kind staff and a safe holiday.

A pleasant atmosphere

Feel at home in our apartments.

Ideal for families

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Our inn is also the home of “Kristal” – a restaurant with a kitchen equipped according to contemporary standards,but one whose pleasant aromas of domestic delicacies can provide you with complete and quality nutrition during your stay on Zlatibor. It offers both the boarding and “a la carte” service, as well as a garden in the summer period, which is at our guests’ disposal during the summer months.

We have won numerous awards, with one of the most important ones being “The Golden Plate”.

Front yard

The “Crystal” inn is surrounded by a beautifully decorated garden, full of greenery and various flowers, so on one of the benches you can treat yourself to enjoying the gentle sun and fresh air.


Find out what Zlatibor has to offer

Ethno-village of Sirogojno

is a unique open air museum that showcases traditional material and spiritual legacy of the Serbian village. The buildings are authentic and furnished in traditional style, with around fifty original Zlatibor log houses and over two thousand exhibits. For numerous visitors of the Museum, there is a separate unit of buildings for rest, leisure and recreation. The Museum is open every day and is visited by more than 100000 people annually.

Mokra Gora

has become known around the globe for its beauty, but even more for its old narrow-gauge railway that once lay on a route of a train called “Ćira” going from Belgrade via Užice towardsVišegrad and Sarajevo. An especially interesting part of the train route nowadays is a renovated one that includes a Šargan Eight (a part of the route in the shape of the figure 8). It is 13.5 km long and it contains 22 tunnelsand around ten bridges and viaducts. You can take a ride in “Ćira” along the renovated part of the railway and return to the old times, at least for a while.


Tel.1: +381 31 841 945
Tel.2: +381 31 845 365
Mob: +381 63 781 98 23
Email: kristalzlatibor@gmail.com
Address: Narcisa 1, 31 315 Zlatibor
GPS coordinates: N 43.727734, E 19.690241





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"We had a good time and we enjoyed your hospitality. We hope to see you and spend time together again."

Kosta, Jovan i Slavica

Apartment 2

"I must say that I am delighted with my stay in your apartments. Accommodation, food and, most of all, hospitality are of the highest level. I wish you all the best and I hope that in the future you will maintain the level of your service, as I find it exquisite. I would recommend it to everyone."

Olga Milošević, tourguide, Belgrade

Apartment 1

"Your food and hospitality are genuine and authentic! Thank you for everything and see you soon."

Nikolija i Dejan

Apartment 4

"Everything is excellent – the staff, the hygiene, the accommodation, most of all the immense kindness. You people are great!"

Sandra i Marko, Lazervac

Apartment 3

"This was our first stay at your place and we had a great time. Thank you for the hospitality, you are very warm and kind people. See you next year."

The Vićentijević family

Apartment 1

"It is with pleasure that I keep coming back to your hotel, always finding a great service and hospitality. The prices are affordable."

Dr Dejan Dabić

Apartment 8

"We are honestly thankful for the immense hospitality. The apartments are clean, the food is delicious and the prices are reasonable."

Branko i Marina

Apartment 7

"In my 30 years of travelling and staying at similar places, I have never found such a combination of warmth and comfort. A great thank you for all of this! Sincerely recommended."

Otović Ljiljana

Apartment 6

"We are very glad to have spent some time in your apartments. This hotel has a soul of its own and it radiates with warmth and love. You are very polite and kind and I hope to see you again."

Dragana Lepojević

Apartment 8

"One of the most pleasant stays on Zlatibor. Thank you for making us feel at home. See you soon."

Porodica Tepavac

Apartment 7

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